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Soldering Gun Iron 15 watt/230 volts – Super Model

  1. Soldering Gun, Soldering Iron 15 watt offers an experience for High precision soldering to its users.
  2. Soldering iron 15W is a powerful soldering iron used extensively by engineers, repairers, hobbyists etc.
  3. Soldering Gun, 15W Soldering iron comes with a Pointed Nickel copper plated bit for the use of high accuracy.

15W Soldering iron 15 watt Soldering Gun/230 volts has the following features:

  • Advanced Heater Technology for Faster Work
  • High Quality Nickel Copper applied Bit for Advanced Soldering
  • Quickly attains working temperature to save your Time
  • Constant Tip temperature to attain constant soldering heat
  • Very Low current leak for maximum Efficiency and very low amount of power consumption
  • Nice bakelight plastic grip for non slip usage
  • Noel 15W Soldering Gun has a Nice plastic handle for a better quality body and Better Grip and not burning your hand

Soldering iron 15W is very useful for soldering in electrical parts, mobile repairing, jewellery etc.


  • MOQ – 50 Pieces
  • Advanced Heating element
  • High Quality Nickel-Copper plated Bit
  • Quickly attains working temperature
  • Constant Tip temperature
  • Low current leakage
  • Rubber grip for high comfort use
  • 2 core molded plug


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